Level 1: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training/ Certification & Self Mastery for Women


Mexico & Canada


HERIZEN™ Yoga Teacher Training / Certification Intensive for Women is a Yoga Alliance® Internationally Recognized Yoga School (RYS 200 / 300).  We offer a Level 1: 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training / Certification & Self Mastery for Women Intensive located at the Clarananda Natural Living & Wellness Center near Todos Santos in Baja, California Sur, Mexico and at a Nature House Retreat on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. The 300 Hr Advanced Yoga & Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training / Certification & Self Mastery for Women is held in India from Nov 3 to Nov 26, 2020.

The HERIZEN™ Way inspires women to awaken, develop or enhance their present Yoga practice through Yogic lifestyle principles, Consciousness training, nutritional values and prana rich foods, aligning to the rhythms of nature, cultivating vitality and natural Well-being through Yoga Asana, Qigong, Pranayama, Mudras, a Natural Meditation technique, Mantra, Puja, dance and the power of Sound.

Today, our personalized for women only Yoga Teacher Training Yogic Lifestyle Intensive programs in Baja, Mexico, India and on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada have created testimonials of transformation, illumination, self-mastery, blending healthy lifestyle choices, a circle of wellness, bringing forth the inner light, moving beyond learning to true unfolding, and a wealth of spiritual practices to share with other women. Our students come from Alberta and across Canada, Korea, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Europe, USA, India and beyond.

Discover a profoundly rewarding and healing experience on this transformational journey with other like-minded women to reconnect with nature and unlock your true potential today!

We specialize in personalized Wellness Training - a celebration of vitality. If you are an outdoor trainer or wilderness guide we can assist you to bring Yoga and other wellness practices into your outdoor program environment.

Yoga & Wellness is a celebration of Wholeness. 

A personalized experience we take up to 8 to 10 women only.



*Nov 27  to Dec 9, 2019  Clarananda Natural Living & Wellness Center 

 Level 1: 200 Hr Baja YTT Yogic Lifestyle Intensive - Space $2295 USD

*Jan 28 to Feb 9, 2020 Clarananda Natural Living & Wellness Center

Level 1: 200 Hr Baja YTT Yogic Lifestyle Intensive - Space $2295 USD

*April 15 to April 27, 2020 Clarananda Natural Living & Wellness Center

Level 1: 200 Hr Baja YTT Yogic Lifestyle Intensive - Space $2295 USD

Note:  Arrive to the Todos Santos bus depot at 3:30pm on the first day of program. We transport you to the Clarananda Natural Living & Wellness Center for checkin, orientation and an evening session. Depart after graduation on the last evening or stayover and leave by 9 am on the day after. We return you to the bus depot in Todos Santos. 

NEW *300 Hr Advanced Yoga & Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training / Certification & Self Mastery for Women

Next class: Nov 3 to Nov 26, 2020  

North India Spiritual Yatra 15 days Nov 3 to Nov 18, 2020

South India The Way of Ayurveda 8 days Nov 18 to Nov 26, 2020



Level 1: 200 Hr Van Isle YTT Yogic Lifestyle Intensive in Qualicum Beach, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  

*July 20 to Aug 1, 2020 -  A Nature House Retreat 

Space $3195 CDN applicable tax applies.

" Van Isle 200 Hr YTT Intensive Details Details go here       

Personalized women Yoga program - max 8 to 10  students per class

Inspired -contact us now for more details- GO HERE

 *All registered participants receive a Complimentary Numerology Prediction and a copy of our E- Cookbook   "Eating for Life Tm".   


Level 1: 200 Hr Baja Yoga YTT Camp Intensive for Women is held at our ocean front desert property "Clarananda Natural Living & Wellness Center " near Todos Santos, Baja California, Mexico    www.clarananda.com

Level 1: 200 Hr Van Isle YTT Yogic Lifestyle Intensive for Women at a Nature House Retreat near Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island BC, Canada.  A private property.

Level 2: 300 HR - Advanced YTT -

North India - Nov 3 to 18 and Nov 18 to Nov 26, 2020  Combination of North India Shakti Fusion Yatra and South India the Way of Ayurveda.


We are a recognized Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider: YACEP.

Continued Education Programs / Courses

*North India Spiritual - Shakti Yoga Fusion Adventure for Women (100 Hrs) 

Nov 3 to Nov 18, 2020  - DETAILS HERE     

(100 Educational Yoga Alliance credits)

*Baja Cacao Journey - Nurture Your Spirit Animal :

Clarananda Natural Living & Wellness Center   March 1 to 8, 2020   (25 Hrs)   



Through this 13 day Yoga Teacher Training / Certification Intensive and Self Mastery for women by women you will have completely individualized instruction, practice of Asanas, anatomy & physiology, learn a natural effortless Meditation practice ( Natural Meditation), mantra, sacred singing, chanting, puja, pranayama, chakra activation, philosophy of Yoga, ethics, introduction to Ayurveda with an emphasis on nutrition (focusing on prana-rich organic farm to table foods) and healthy lifestyle choices, Sanskrit and an abundance of Yoga teaching practicum. Also included are: transformational confidence building techniques to assist you in BEING inspired and empowered to apply what you learn immediately in all phases of your life. Positive verbal cues to ensure safe Yoga classes. During this twelve and one half day intensive yoga teacher training for women you will be teaching Yoga days before you certify. This Yoga Teacher Training Intensive for women is intimate and intense, for you who choose to achieve MASTERY.  

Please note:  this is an intensive program and for those that wish to move to Self Mastery only.   Our program offers ancient teachings of Yoga and like the Yogis that offer us these teachings we live in nature. Wifi and cell coverage is turned off during class hours.   Arrangements are made with each student to have ample time to connect with family at appointed times during the program.  All payments are non refundable.  We encourage that you purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance and appropriate medical coverage. See our Our Terms & Conditions link at the bottom of this page.

Our Level 1 - 200 Hour YTT Objectives - DETAILS HERE

Our Level 1: 200 Hr Women Yoga Teacher Training / Certification Intensive & Self Mastery fully meets the requirements for the Yoga Alliance® Registry

This YTT Yoga Imersion program is a wonderful foundation for any style of Yoga that you wish to teach.  

What other yogini students say

"The Herizen™ Level 1: 200 Hr YTT Intensive was an amazing experience, and honestly, one of the best gifts I ever gave to myself. Valma is a gifted trainer and her depth of knowledge and passion for every aspect of Yoga is inspiritional.  The Yoga asanas, reading materials, daily meditations and mantras, and fresh delicious meals were chosen and created with care and love.  Her unique training style fully prepared me, and gave me the confidence to work within my own physical limitations and needs, to teach Yoga confidently.  The knowledge, gifts and tools given to me during this training were invaluable, and I continue to use them in every aspect of my life every day.”  Nancy Lea, RYT, Alaska, USA

“The Herizen™ Level 1: 200 Hr. YTT was an amazing experience and far exceeded my expectations! It was a journey involving physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth. Not only did i develop my yoga asana practice and grow the confidence in myself to be a safe and knowledgeable yoga teacher, but I also had a chance to grow my meditation practice, puja or daily practice of devotion, come to know a greater understanding of the Yogini way of life and philosophy alongside amazing women. The bond and connection with these amazing women grew as we learned, practiced and supported and nurturing one another as we developed our own style and understanding of Yoga path. Valma's thorough and well thought-out program was delivered with love and compassion. Wonderful meals prepared with love and nutritional excellence to meet the needs of every individual and hours of asana, pranayama, mediation, devotion and evening discussions filled our time together. I am so grateful for this wonderful experience and recommend it to anyone serious about developing their understanding of the Yoga Path and becoming an excellent teacher. Blessings to you Valma. Namaste.” Wendee Byrne, BC, Canada

For further Yoga for Women Teacher Training Details

Website: www.herizenyogaforwomen.com

Email: yoga@herizenlifeadventures.com

Skype: Valma-Herizen

Mexico Mobile:  011 52 1 612 131 6387   (Oct 19 to May 20)

Canada Mobile: 604.354.1317 (May to mid Aug 2020)

*Join us for our annual

North India Spiritual - Shakti Yoga Fusion Adventure for Women (100 Hrs)  

Nov 3 to Nov 18, 2020  - details here      








The next Herizen™ Level 1: 200 Hr YTT is held at the Clarananda™ Natural Living & Wellness Center from Nov 27 to Dec 9, 2019.

The next Herizen™ Level 1: 200 Hr YTT is held at a Nature House Retreat in on Vancouver Island, July 20 to August 1, 2020.